Winner list of Solana Ignition Hackathon

The Solana Ignition Hackathon is the competition focused on allowing developers to experiment and leverage the Solana blockchain to create a plethora of projects spanning DeFi (Decentralized Finance), blockchain gaming, Web3, Digital Art/Collectibles, and everything in-between. Below is the winner list

Grand Champion: @Katana_HQ

Katana is an asset management protocol on Solana, enabling users to passively earn the best yields in DeFi

They’re building a comprehensive suite of investment products, starting with structured products and automated vault strategies

DeFi Track:


Atrix is an AMM decentralized exchange running on the Solana blockchain that utilizes Serum’s order books. Furthermore, investors can create Liquidity Pools and farms directly on the platform. This is a competitive feature since the platform allows users to create customized pools.


  • Solana’s First Decentralised Fixed Income Protocol
  • Tokenize and Trade Future Yield


  • Aver is the first decentralized betting exchange on Solana
  • Leveraging ProjectSerum in the backend with a frontend tailored to key features of betting markets Universal recycling symbol
  • BrainThink Betfair but on permissionless and so much more than another binary prediction platform Playing card joker


01 is a fully decentralized derivatives protocol. 01 runs on smart contracts built on the Solana blockchain, the most performant, fast, and low cost blockchain.


  • Fluidity is connecting traditional finance and the growing ecosystem of financial applications built on open, decentralized infrastructure. Their mission is to unlock the efficient flow of capital between these systems at scale.

  • Tokenized Asset Portfolios (TAP) provide asset managers and other market participants with access to low-cost, flexible credit facilities and yield enhancement strategies. Our goal is to facilitate the continued expansion of the decentralized financial ecosystem through the introduction of high-quality collateral and market participants.

Web 3 Track


  • Their goal is for Citadel to become the community’s favorite one stop shop and as such we also believe the community should be integral to deciding it’s fate. The Citadel DAO will be responsible for dictating project integrations, grants, development awards, etc.

  • For the future of Citadel they’ll want to integrate more protocols, such as options, farming, liquidity pools, and even NFTs for the jpeg enjoyers


The go to place for on-chain data for Solana.
Providing APIs, analytics, and insights for developers, investors, and traders.


Dialect is giving wallets a secure way to communicate, & protocol developers the tooling to extend that messaging, & send their users opt-in, privacy-preserving push notifications, right to their phones.



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