What is Interactive NFT? The trigger for the next growth of NFT

NFT is considered as a gateway to help attract a large number of users and new money flows into Crypto. With the successes that NFT has achieved, we cannot deny their important role. However, at the moment, the NFT market is at a saturation stage and needs a push to continue to boom.

Similar to DeFi with DeFi 2.0, NFT will also have “NFT 2.0” to help overcome the weaknesses of the current NFT, and I call such NFTs “Interactive NFT”.

So what is Interactive NFT? Why are they special? What are the outstanding projects and what do we need to prepare to not miss the upcoming NFT trend? Let’s find out together!

What is Interactive NFT?

Interactive NFTs are NFTs that the owner can interact with. Unlike current NFTs when most users can only buy and hold, Interactive NFT will create one or more use cases. From there, it helps to increase the connection of users with their NFT.

Owning NFT and Interactive NFT is similar to owning a stuffed cat with a real cat, we will need to interact with the things we own more.

Current context of NFT

NFT has been very successful in attracting new users who used to dislike the complexity of Crypto or the dry numbers of DeFi. However at the present time NFT has passed the hot development stage and is facing the following problems.


There are currently tens of thousands of NFT projects, each with thousands of different NFTs. Although there are still projects that make very beautiful and valuable NFTs, I think the market is almost saturated at the moment.

From the perspective of collectors and investors alike, choosing a good NFT to buy at the moment is like finding a needle in a haystack, really difficult. The liquidity of the NFT is also particularly poor, most of the NFT is currently in a state of no one buying.

NFT has no use cases

There are many Crypto projects that follow the trend and issue NFTs as rewards for users, but at the moment most of those NFTs are just idle. I am also a DeFi user myself and have also received a lot of NFTs of projects that I have used. However, there are more and more NFTs in the wallet but it’s all just empty, no one buys it for sale, it can’t be used, and the wallet looks quite messy.

With users gradually losing interest in owning NFT, it is highly likely that we will see new advances in the application of NFT in Crypto projects. There are already a few projects developing in this direction and I will share them with you in the next section.

In short, the NFT will need a fresh push for the next bull wave. Most likely it will be NFTs that users can use, not just buy and leave.

Classification Interactive NFT

Although Interactive NFT all have the common feature that users can interact with NFT, we can further divide them into different branches to facilitate the search and evaluation of investment opportunities later.

I divide Interactive NFT into branches as follows:

Basic Interactive NFT

This is an interesting NFT genre that I found recently. The characteristics of the NFT will change when a user makes a transaction related to that NFT.

For example: The project below, the user has to water the flower plant for a fixed time or else the flower plant will die, when the flower plant dies, it cannot be moved or sold.

Gaming NFT

Surely you are no stranger to today’s Crypto games. The trend of Play adding the Earn factor has helped Axie Infinity become one of the biggest revenue generating projects in the Crypto market for a long time.

The NFTs in the game are also the most vivid example of the strong attraction when users can interact with the items they own. Gaming NFT has a very fast growth rate and more and more quality games are coming out.


Interactive NFT x DeFi

There have been many DeFi projects that started the Interactive NFT application in various ways, opening up many new potentials to engage users in DeFi.

Typically, Orca allows users to Staking NFT to receive the project’s $ORCA token. Or Zapper for NFT users when the attendance is full, that number of NFTs can be crafted to create higher level NFTs.

The Potential of Interactive NFT

Optimizing the efficiency of NFT in the project

The right application of NFT will help create many positive effects and is a great tool to attract users to the project.

After the announcement of Season 2 of NFT attendance, Zapper’s MAUs (monthly users) increased tenfold. This shows that the appeal of NFT is still there, especially when users can now do more things with the NFT they receive.

Orca with the launch of NFT staking created a fever in the Solana ecosystem. During that time, the price of NFTs has X more than 10 times and helped the project grow a lot in terms of TVLs and users.

An explosive future for gaming

There is a very interesting case that I have observed recently, that is the game Mir4 was released about 3 months ago. The game itself is quite similar to the martial arts games on duty that are abundant on the market today, although the graphics are beautiful but not really outstanding.


Indeed, in the beginning the game only attracted a small number of players, but this has completely changed since the game added a feature. It allows players to mine minerals and exchange them for tokens that can be sold when the character reaches level 40.

This shows us the attraction of the game segment when combined with the earn factor. And I believe gaming with NFT in the game has a huge growth potential.

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