Web 3 landscape on Solana

Hello friends, in the latest post you have a overview about several Web 3 sectors such as Data Management, File Storage, Content Creation and Distribution, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Misc,… So how does Web 3 in Solana interact with the world? Let’s find out in this article

First, let’s take a look at the Web 3 landscape of Solana.

Source: Solana Daily

Solana’s web 3.0 encompassed a wide range of topics such as Navigation, Video, Messaging, Music, Community, etc

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the outstanding projects

Maps (MAPS)

What is Maps.me 1.0? Is the offline map application routed the world with more than 140 million users in nine years in 195 countries. Maps.me 2.0 is a platform that integrates decentralized financial protocols and enhances user experience, with many functions such as Tour guide, hotel and restaurant booking, self-created tour, detailed map,…

Maps.me 2.0 aims to be your ultimate companion and passport to the new financial system. Powered by Serum and runs on the Solana blockchain and is scalable.

Maps.me is currently owned by Mail.ru, a Russian internet giant, in which Alibaba, Tencent and Naspers hold major stakes.

Source: Coin68

Audius (AUDIO)

Audius is a decentralized music streaming platform built with public blockchain infrastructure and other decentralized technologies. Audius allows artists to distribute and receive payments directly from their fans.

Audius is a protocol that includes the following elements:

  • An efficient token economy backed by AUDIO tokens, 3rd party stablecoins and artist tokens
    Decentralized storage and ledger solution for sharing audio and metadata
  • A unique tracking encryption scheme paired with a programmable mechanism to unlock user-specific proxy re-encryption keys for content
  • A discovery protocol for users to efficiently query metadata
  • A decentralized governance protocol whereby artists, node operators, and fans are individually and collectively decentralized in making decisions about protocol changes and upgrades

The Audius protocol is live today and is completely decentralized, operated by a powerful decentralized organization of artists, fans, and node operators, and serving nearly 500,000 users per day. month at the time of writing.


The go to place for on-chain data for Solana.
Providing APIs, analytics, and insights for developers, investors, and traders. Anyone can raise opinion and access to the market analysis

ChainCrunch started as a project to make solana data more accessible for users. Solana produces gigabytes of new transaction data every day and no simple data infrastructure can handle this massive amount of data for querying and writing at the same time.

Project managers, investors, and analysts are interested in easy to use and insightful dashboards for their decision making. Solana developers are interested in building dApps with enhanced, rich APIs to minimise unnecessary development efforts and improve their dApp’s UX.

That’s why they decided to create @the_1ndex. The index will focus on solana developers, their future needs and how to make Solana the most feature-rich chain for dApp development, while ChainCrunch will continue as an analytics platform focused on high-level insights.

Crowny (CRWNY)

Crowny (CRWNY) coin is a platform that allows users to interact and interact with their favorite brands in new ways like never before, rewarding brand loyalists and ensuring the brand continues to grow. reach more target audience. Based on the interests they choose, users receive relevant content and offers by earning Crowny Tokens CRWNY and loyalty points by interacting with these brands.

The loyalty system offers companies a very easy way to incorporate loyalty points into their business for free. These “loyalty points” will help companies build brand awareness, increase engagement, and attract repeat customers.

Crowny (CRWNY) has created a new platform in the advertising world. A platform that will allow brands to create effective campaigns to reach an audience interested in listening to their message. Users will be able to connect with their favorite brands through the smartphone app without the risk of a privacy breach.


HAPI protocol (HAPI) is a protocol that provides on-chain network security for DeFi projects.
With model:
Machine Learning + Oracle + DAO = First Security Oracle
Launching any DeFi product is similar to launching a rocket: after the rocket takes off, you have a minimal set of tools to influence its flight. You can send commands or even update the software. However, any unforeseen event can lead to disaster and you have no way of influencing it further. That platform admin will become a passive observer.
DeFi is similar in many ways. You create code, conduct security testing, launch your smart contract into space (blockchain) and start praying that everything goes according to plan.



Satellite gives you peace of mind with end-to-end encryption without sacrificing quality.

  • No Compromises

Satellite is built using serverless technology with peer 2 peer workflows. Everything is encrypted so your data only gets read by who you intend it to. We store files on a distributed network so redundancy comes built in along with large file storage.

All these things come without compromises to your experience.

  • Multi-Platform

Chat from anywhere, from desktop and beyond Satellite has you covered. Satellite is also built to be offline-first so whether you have a good connection or not you can be sure you get your message out there! Our mobile app installs as a PWA during Early Access so setup is quick, and you get updates immediately.

  • Key features
    • Easy Installation
    • Multi Platform chat
    • Easy File sharing
    • Built-in Payments
    • High Quality Streaming
    • Serverless

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A discovery protocol for users to efficiently query metadata

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