WCmonthlycontest Is crypto turning into potential passive investing?

Bitcoin or crypto is well known as an active asset that can be traded easily and it’s value vary greatly on day-to-day basis. However, there is a big controlversy over the way to get maximize returns from crypto invest. Some people avoid to buy and sell crypto as much as possible.and hold it over a long time horizon. Can crypto be a profitable passive investing?

Passive Investing reduces time and fees for investors.

What is Passive Investing?

According to Investopedia, Passive investing methods seek to avoid the fees and limited performance that may occur with frequent trading. Passive investing’s goal is to build wealth gradually. Also known as a buy-and-hold strategy, passive investing means buying a security to own it long-term.
Apparently, passive investing benefits investors due to low transaction fee and simplicity. Owning an index, or group of indices is far easier to implement and comprehend than a dynamic strategy that requires constant research and adjustment. On the other hand, Passive funds are limited to a specific index or predetermined set of investments with little to no variance; thus, investors are locked into those holdings, no matter what happens in the market. The inflexibility and smaller potential returns are two main drawbacks.

So is crypto a passive investment?

Unlike putting cash into a typical savings account that earns clients 1% to 2%, storing cash as crypto is arguably easier and more potentially high-income. Crypto is therefore seen as an investment. But is it a passive one? Most financial planners say no, citing impossible-to-predict liquidity and growth. Even though bitcoin reached a new all-time high this week during the optimistic futures ETF buzz, some planners are giving it time to see if its value will continue climbing amid all the inevitable changes ahead. This watchful approach is due to the tremendous drop when China said no to Bitcoin earlier this year. Unlike real estate, crypto is vulnerable.

SEC approved BTC ETF future will likely benefit traders more than passive investors

Advice from financial experts

There are 3 ways to conceptualize an investment in bitcoin: As an economic revolution, as a macro investment (a way large funds and governments can protect value amid global economic influences), and as a micro investment – meaning, for the average person. Most of us are the last one. For individual investors, Experts recommend to max out their crypto investments at only 5% of their portfolios.

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