UPFI introduces UPFI WORLD - MetaFi, Bitspawn on Raydium Protocol, HXRO raises $34M on Strategic Investment Round

RunNode’s IDO on Solstarter

  • Whitelisting process for RunNode is not based on First-Come-First-Served
  • RunNode provides clear & specific solutions to all the gaps in Solana’s RPC capabilities


Details: https://bit.ly/3EegaO3

HXRO raises $34M on Strategic Investment Round

  • @HxroNetwork raised $34M on Promise of Derivatives Trading Infrastructure for Solana
  • Susquehanna and JumpCryptoHQ co-led the network’s latest token round


Details: https://bit.ly/3o915Yy

Solv Protocol have raised $4M in Series A

  • The fund is led by blockchaincap, Sfermion & GumiCryptos and other foundations


Details: https://bit.ly/3G7bYk2

Top gainers in the last 24h


  • CATO took the first place with 30.8%
  • Followed by NINJA and SLIM with 23.3% and 11.9% respectively
  • Big Boy Solana on the run with 10.8% up

Bitspawn on Raydium Protocol

  • $SPWN / $USDC pool
  • @BitspawnGG - GameFi for Esports and NFT Gaming. Powered by Solana


UPFI introduces UPFI WORLD - MetaFi

What do you think about a product that combines Metaverse and DeFi?


Details: https://t.me/upfinetworkchannel/175

-Source: Solana Daily-

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Wonderful project ı like it

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