Star Atlas (ATLAS & POLIS)

What is Star Atlas?

Star Atlas is an online game with a story-based galactic setting set in the year 2060, in which you will place yourself in one of three factions ((1) Human-ruled MUD Territory, (2) Mankind-ruled MUD Territory, the ONI domain as an assemblage of alien races, and (3) the Ustur region controlled by sentient robots) and compete for resources, territory, and game domination. . Sounds like the old Warcraft game, doesn’t it :slight_smile:



Star Atlas has an extremely attractive gameplay with a series of activities similar to the fighting games that have captured the hearts of millions of gamers around the world such as Starcraft, Warcraft. Specifically, players can:

  • Explore the galaxy (if your coin hasn’t reached the moon yet, why not yourself?).
  • Control land, soldiers, fleets, exploit resources, …
  • Do the mission.
  • Join the fierce combat phase with other players.
  • Join the game with Virtual Reality (VR).
  • Own, buy and sell NFT.

In addition, the game also has a Universal Marketplace, where players can buy and sell NFTs found through the game.

Integrated with Serum, Star Atlas also has a DeFi financial system including: Lending, AMM and Yield farming. In addition, the game has an ATLAS - USDC pool, the game’s NFT selling fee will be put into this pool to buy back the player’s ATLAS.

Built with Unreal Engine 5 technology that enables cinematic quality video game visuals

Can use VR (Virtual Real - virtual reality)


ATLAS will serve as the base game currency in Star Atlas.

  • Initially, players will leverage ATLAS to earn digital assets such as ships, crew, components, land, and equipment. Purchase and sale activities and payment transactions using ATLAS.
  • A small portion of the in-game currency will be available through various stages of the Galactic Asset Offering (GAO), leading up to the full launch of the title. After completing the GAO, ATLAS can only be earned through in-game activity or sales by other players.

Key metrics

  • Token Name: Atlas Token
  • Ticker: ATLAS
  • Blockchain: Solana
  • Token Standard: SLP
  • Contract address: ATLASXmbPQxBUYbxPsV97usA3fPQYEqzQBUHgiFCUsXx
  • Supply of circulation: 2,160,000,000
  • Total supply: 36,000,000,000

Token allocation

  • Stake Holder: 20%

    • Seed round, family, friends: 10%
    • Stage 1 of GAO: 5%
    • Stage 2 of GAO: 5%
  • Future Inflatioin: 80%, which is distributed to players through the following forms:

    • Mining Station: 45%
    • MM and Trader: 20%
    • PVE Mission: 20%
    • Resource Gathering: 15%

POLIS is a multifunctional governance token, with applications both in gaming and directing real-world economic policy.

In-game : The owner of POLIS will be in a unique position of jurisdiction over the entire area, regardless of who owns title (NFT) rights to the land and equipment rights. POLIS represents voting rights, not authoritarian ownership.

Outside : control of POLIS will allow the gaming community to influence the decision-making of the Star Atlas development team.

Key metrics

  • Token Name: POLIS Token
  • Ticker: POLIS
  • Blockchain: Solana
  • Token Standard: SLP
  • Contract address: poLisWXnNRwC6oBu1vHiuKQzFjGL4XDSu4g9qjz9qVk
  • Supply of circulation: 21,600,000
  • Total supply: 360,000,000

Token allocation

The POLIS distribution will take effect in two phases. The first phase includes the sale of 20% of governance tokens during the Galactic Asset Offering (GAO). Following GAO, exclusive ability to generate POLIS based on staking ATLAS currency


The most prominent project team is Sam Bankman-Fried acting as an advisor, a top “player” in the Crypto market, Founder & CEO Alameda Research as well as FTX.

In addition, the project team includes many individuals with seniority in finance as well as technology.



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