Space runners overview, Synthetify x Raydium, UpFI Network bonding is now live

Solsea x Moonpay

  • From now, you can buy NFT on Solsea via credit card - Moonpay
  • With the partnership between Solsea & Moonpay, Solsea users from over 100 countries are allowed to buy NFTs with Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay & Google Pay


UpFI Network bonding is now live

  • UpFi Network announces their bonding function is live on their mainnet
  • Bonding is the process of trading an asset or LP share to the protocol for $UPS. Bonding is for a 5 day fixed period. Each different type of bond you can hold one of



Free rewards on Solana


Synthetify x Raydium

$SNY emissions on $SNY - $USDC begins on 25th Jan, 2022 10:00 UTC


Metaverse landscape on Solana

Despite the hazardous condition of the market, all metaverse projects in the Solana ecosystem still concentrated on developing its infrastructure for serving the public. Check out the metaverse landscape on Solana.

TVL ranking on Solana

All projects in the Solana ecosystem are now witnessing a major decline in TVL in the last 7D. The total TVL of Solana ecosystem is now only at $7.69B - half of the All Time High TVL in early December.

Space runners overview

  • Space runners is the NFT Metaverse Fashion brand in collab with celebrities & brands!
  • The team designs & launches digitally wearable NFTs through AR & plug-in’s into the Metaverse as items
  • Join for Gen2 whitelist by joining

Star Atlas reveal new metaverse feature

Find out the details on Faction aligned manufacturers were released by the Star Atlas team



Yesterday top gainers

  • MAPS continue to get attention with 80% increase
  • More than half of MAPS is OXY namely 47.4%
  • 3 others gains around 10%

Allbridge x Aurora Swap

This bridge launch will be bringing $SOL to Aurora ecosystem



-Source: Solana Daily, Solana News-

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