Project Larix (LARIX)

What is Project Larix

Project Larix is a decentralized lending protocol (peer-to-peer lending) on Solana’s blockchain platform. Larix adopts a dynamic interest model and creates more capital efficient risk management pools, such as a wide selection of collaterals, crypto tokens, stablecoins, synthetic assets, NFTs and other asset classes (accounts receivable, bills, mortgages, etc.) can be safely used to their full potential.

Furthermore, a meticulously calculated token economy-based reward system allows for a constant allocation of incentives to drive demand. All VALUE properties can be accepted by Larix


Larix is the first lending protocol on Solana, which maintains the basic SPL (The Solana Program Library) token lending needs and who aims to bridge new types of tokens such as total assets and NFT. Therefore, Borrowing/Lending is an infrastructure for those defined token holders who have great faith in the token value and also want to get APY benefits in the long term outside. value growth edge.

  • The first lending protocol with a direct mining function
  • First Lending Protocol Audited on Solana
  • Partial Open Source Lending Protocol on Solana

Larix leverages pool-based collateral and a dynamic rate optimization engine to enable instant loan execution.

LARIX token

Key metrics

  • Token Name: Mercurial Token.
  • Ticker: MER.
  • Blockchain: Solana.
  • Token Standard: SPL.
  • Contract: 7Zb1bGi32pfsrBkzWdqd4dFhUXwp5Nybr1zuaEwN34hy
  • Token type: Utility, Governance.
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 LARIX

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