OpenOcean (OOE) - The first CeDeFi full liquidity aggregator, the world's leader in crypto trading

What is OpenOcean?

OpenOcean is the first CeDeFi full liquidity aggregator, the world’s leader in cryptocurrency trading. OpenOcean’s algorithms will find the best prices and split routes to give traders the best prices, lowest slippage, lowest gas fees, no additional fees and fast payouts. This functionality is free to use, OpenOcean users only need to pay regular blockchain gas fees and exchange fees for transactions, these fees are charged by non-OpenOcean exchanges.

The aggregator acts as a bridge connecting the isolated islands of DeFi and CeFi and aims to build an ecosystem that benefits all users in the market where liquidity is fragmented like nowadays. Everyone can apply their own investment strategies across different crypto assets regardless of whether they are a small individual investor or a large institution. Institutional investors and retail investors are equally welcome.

  • OpenOcean is the entrance to derivatives and spot trading on DEXs (decentralized exchanges) and CEXs (centralized exchanges) with the best prices and lowest slippage
  • OpenOcean finds the best price and lowest slippage for traders on synthetic DEXs and CEXs by applying a deeply optimized intelligent routing algorithm
  • OpenOcean also provides users with APIs and user interfaces specifically designed to support their particular investment strategy.
  • Cross-chain swaps and swaps (ETH, ETH Layer2, BSC, ONT, TRON and more)
  • Benefit from the spread between DEX and CEX


Main features

  • Traditional interface: The swap function is quite common like Uniswap, but on the same interface brothers can connect multiple chains.


  • Professional version:
    • Cex: You can register and create an account.
    • Dex: no identity verification required, live on-chain transactions, allowing orderbook setup.


Highlights of OpenOcean

  • Experience smooth transactions with the best prices on DeFi and CeFi
  • Support trading on different products such as derivatives on different exchanges with OpenOcean portfolio margin pool
  • Integrate liquidity from mainstream DEXs and CEXs to provide better liquidity and faster response speeds
  • Support mainstream wallet
  • Provides tools such as limit orders and candlestick charting tools, profit and loss setup, real-time monitoring and alerts, APIs and trading tools for derivatives
  • Provides a user interface tailored to support institutional investors’ trading strategies

Token Allocation


  • Team and Mentor: 17.48%
  • Strategic Sales: 5.6%
  • Liquidity Mining: 34%
  • Ecosystem Development Fund: 7%
  • Private Sale: 4.92%
  • Protocol Development Fund: 29%
  • Marketing: 2%


2020 Q3 & Q4: Antarctic Ocean

  • Aggregated DEXes on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Ontology

  • Became the first DEX aggregator on BSC

2021 Q1: Indian Ocean

  • Continued aggregation of swaps on TRON

  • Aggregated spot products on Binance and became the first CeDeFi aggregator

2021 Q2: Indian Ocean

  • Integrated more public networks, including Ethereum Layer 2 and Solana, and became the first DEX aggregator on Solana

  • Launched a multi-language website

2021 Q3: Indian Ocean

  • Issued governance token $OOE and started $OOE liquidity mining

  • Integrated more public networks, including Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, HECO, and OKExChain

2021 Q4: Atlantic Ocean

  • Upgraded to offer the best final returns in the market; total active addresses exceed 350,000

  • Launch cross-chain protocol aggregation and support cross-chain best price swap to facilitate a one-stop trading experience across 10 networks

  • Launch SaaS product that supports automated arbitrage transactions between DEXes and CEXes

  • Support DEX limit orders and DEX grid trading

  • Aggregate DeFi derivative products to assist one-stop trading on OpenOcean across various derivative protocols

2022 Q1 & Q2: Pacific Ocean

  • Continue with algorithm upgrades to offer better price solutions and expand to more networks

  • Continue with DeFi derivative product aggregation

  • Launch best price future price trading with algorithms to split routes and assist best trades in all similar future products

  • Help traders capture investment opportunities such as price spread

  • Launch OpenOcean combined margin products to assist lower margin trading by offsetting positions in different directions

2022 Q3 & Q4: Pacific Ocean

  • Launch intelligent wealth management services to support arbitrage trading between spot and futures, and help traders execute CTA strategies

  • Integrate more DeFi & CeFi products such as lending and insurance products to enlarge the OpenOcean ecosystem

2023 : OpenOcean

  • Launch an intelligent asset management platform covering centralized and decentralized financial solutions



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