My Experience Using Solareum Wallet

Hey, dear

This my first experience using solareum wallet, as we know that solareum developed and backed by one of the biggest crypto community: Vietnam. Yes, the have a huge and anthusiasm about the crypto world.

Solareum walet is one of my recommendation wallet used after slope wallet. They build Slope before Solareum and do great move but the stability of the UI, solareum is great they have smooth UI, easy interface, user friendly UI, Dex Aggregator and simple setting menu. As we know that mobile is built for simplicity not complex. Simple but Complete.

One we dont find in solareum wallet is Dapps menu, and wallet connect, i hope in the future there is integration between solana dapps and solareum wallet so user will chose the wallet not only for swaping asset but also oppening web apps.

in addition, it will be nice to ad menu like add account or remove account so user can easly manage their wallet. thanks

my solareum wallet address:



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GQ6vxdYx8enYxWCHDaYgx7Si6eBZj8YJiwP8RPXbRrJw Sxb #sxb solano solareum


9KNxFeZA45rxnA1gVbf5pxvtB1CLFxe7xvBsaAsZeTiX me too

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Thanks ı like