Mercurial Finance (MER)

What is Mercurial Finance

Mercurial Finance is an AMM project focused on building a liquidity platform for stable assets (Stablecoins) on the Solana Blockchain. In other words, users can create and deposit stablecoins into Mercurial to provide liquidity for their own stablecoins. Also they can swap other tokens through Jupiter Exchanges

In addition, the project also allows users to create synthetic assets in the future.


Mercurial can be considered as a combination of 3 puzzle pieces: Stableswap - Synthetic - Aggregator by the project’s own structure:

  • Users deposit Stablecoins, which they can then convert into other Stablecoins (first will be USDC, USDT, wUSDC and wDAI). In addition, these Stablecoins will not stay in the Vault forever, but can be used to send to other places with activities such as borrowing, borrowing, flashloan, … to create a source of liquidity for these assets.
  • Besides, users can create synthetic assets like mUSD or mBTC right at Mercurial, and these assets can be sent back to the Vault or transferred to other protocols, similar to Stablecoins.

With this structure, the project will act as a huge source of stablecoin liquidity. If marketed and operated smoothly, Mercurial could represent Curve and Synthetix with a total TVL of both projects up to $9B.

The highlight of Mercurial is Dynamic Vault with the following advantages:

  • Low slippage when trading Stablecoins and Forex.
  • Dynamic fees take advantage of existing market conditions to improve profitability for users providing liquidity.
  • Flexible allocation of liquidity to external platforms like Lending, to earn more interest and profits.
  • Mercurial is also one of the first projects to support UST - Stablecoin transactions of the Terra ecosystem.

MER token

Key Metric

  • Token Name: Mercurial Token.
  • Ticker: MER.
  • Blockchain: Solana.
  • Token Standard: SPL.
  • Contract: MERt85fc5boKw3BW1eYdxonEuJNvXbiMbs6hvheau5K
  • Token type: Utility, Governance.
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,MER
  • Circulating Supply: 55,000,000 MER

Token Allocation

  • Liquidity Mining & Community Reward: 33%
  • Partnership & Ecosystem Development: 25%
  • Seed Sale: 20%
  • Team & Advisors: 20%
  • IEO: 2%

Backers & Investor

The project received the investment of Alameda Reserch, Solana, Huobi, Okex as well as typical figures in Crypto such as Bobby Ong (Coingecko), Edward Moncada (Blockfolio), Darren Lau (Spartan),…

Price check

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