Lightning Rewards Challenge

In February 2022, Solareum launched the lightning rewards which aims to make supporting fast and easy. Thus, people can receive constant support from their fans and grow the cryptocurrencies community. Creators and innovators will not worry about chargebacks or interchange fees with crypto, saving them costs and headaches, whereas credit cards have higher fees and can have chargebacks weeks later.

In order to promote the wide adoption of lightning rewards, Solareum announces the challenge with a total reward of up to 500,000 XSB.

Basic Information

Duration: 00:00 (GMT +7) 9/3–23:59 (GMT+7) 16/3

Total Reward: 500,000 XSB

Game Rules

Step 1: Open Solareum App and generate the XSB Account link

Step 2: Update the Twitter profile

Step 3: Post the tweet with the lightning reward link and the following hashtag: #Solareum #LightningRewards

Check sample post here.

Terms and Conditions

· 100 participants who completed the challenges and have the most likes on Twitter will be rewarded 4,000 XSB.

· One lucky participant who is chosen via lucky draw will receive 100,000 XSB.

· Twitter accounts joining the challenge should be created before 2022.

· The Prize will be sent in XSB directly to the wallet within 7 working days from the time Solareum announces the winners.

· Solareum has the right to edit any information related to the contest without prior notice on the principle of ensuring fairness and transparency.

· Any cheat attempts when detected will be automatically handled without notice.

· Solareum reserves the right not to accept a complaint if it is deemed that there is an obvious fraud.

· If there are differences between languages, the English version will be prioritized.

About Solareum

Solareum is the crypto wallet that makes it safe and easy for you to store, send, receive and swap tokens on Solana blockchain

With Lightning Rewards, Solareum also makes supporting fast and easy. Users can tip, donate or buy on any platform at blazing fast speed.


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