Lightning Rewards Challenge - Winner Announcement

The lightning rewards challenge has come to an end. Solareum really appreciates your enthusiastic participation in the contest.

We are thrilled to receive hundreds of Twitter posts. The best thing is, the Lightning Rewards feature has spread widely to many more crypto supporters, all thanks to your endless enthusiasm.

After evaluating and assessing thoroughly, we have found the deserved winners. Now, it’s time to unveil the list of winners of our contest.

The special prize (100,000 XSB): Tofique Ahmed (@TofiquePk)
The standard prize (4,000 XSB): Result Announcement - Google Drive

Thank you very much for supporting us all this time. Congratulations to all of you who have won our great prizes in the competition. The rewards will be sent to the winners within 7 business days.

About Solareum

Solareum is the crypto wallet that makes it safe and easy for you to store, send, receive and swap tokens on Solana blockchain

With Lightning Rewards, Solareum also makes supporting fast and easy. Users can tip, donate or buy on any platform at blazing fast speed.


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