How to use Moonpay on Solareum?

To make it easier for you to use Moonpay on Solareum, today let’s learn how to register and use Moonpay.

Step 1: Open Solareum app. Go to Setting → “Buy SOL with Cards”

Step 2: Choose type of fiat and how much you want to pay for SOL

The summary will appear, you can click on arrow button to see more details. Then click on “Continue”

Step 3: Enter your email

Step 4: Email verification

There will be an verification code sent to your email for confirmation.

Step 5: Enter your basic information

Step 6: Verify your identity - KYC

Step 7: Choose your identity document type and country of issuance

Step 8: Upload your acceptable photo of document

Step 9: Wait couple of minutes for verification. If there is no mistake, the verification complete box will appear.

Step 10: Enter your credit card information that you want to make payment
Make sure that your credit card is available for online payment and not expired yet.

Step 11: Transaction confirmation

Tick on agree to MoonPay’s Term of Use then choose “Buy now”

Step 12: Confirm with system that sponsor for your credit card

There will be an code sent to SMS. Check it out and fill in the blank → Send transaction


I hope you will feel comfortable using Moonpay to exchange and buy crypto assets with your credit card. Another big step for Solareum to bring crypto for millions.

Solareum team