How to import Phantom/Sollet/Slope/C98 to Solareum


Step 1 : First you download the Solareum app (depending on whether your phone is IOS or Android, choose to download the appropriate version) then proceed with the installation.

Download the app:

Step 2 : Open the Solareum application


Step 3: Instead of choosing “Create wallet”, you choose “Import”

Step 4: Import wallet

At this step, you also enter “Wallet Name” for easy management, then enter the “Recovery Code” of your wallet here and then select “Restore” to complete the wallet recovery process. Note that the recovery code is the 24 characters you have when creating your wallet.

Step 5: When the screen like below appears, you have successfully restored your wallet (if not, please check the steps to see if there are any wrong steps and then do it again)


You can see the balances on Sollet and Solareum are the same.

Benefits of Sollet/Phantom wallet recovery on Solareum

  • Ensure the safety of the wallet you are using
  • You can conveniently use the same wallet on both browser (PC) and App (Mobile).
  • Can buy and sell easily on Raydium, Jupiter using Sollet/Phantom wallet on browser. Also monitor your balance on your phone anywhere.
  • There is no fee when you want to transfer USDC to participate in the token sale on Solareum App

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Solareum team

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