How to create new wallet on Solareum?


Step 1: First you download the Solareum app (depending on whether your phone is IOS or Android, choose to download the appropriate version) then proceed with the installation.

Download the app:

Step 2: Open the Solareum application


Step 3: You choose “Create wallet” to create a new wallet or choose “Restore” if you already have a wallet (here I will choose “Create wallet” to create a new wallet)

At this step in the “Wallet name” section, please name your wallet for easy management and identification later. As for the “Save recovery code” section, you choose “Copy” and save this code in a safe place (This code so you can restore your wallet later, don’t let outsiders know the code. Please restore this guys). Then click “I have the recovery code saved” and click “Create wallet”

Step 4: When the screen like below appears, you have successfully created a wallet (otherwise, please check the steps to see if there are any mistakes and then do it again)

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Solareum team

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