$GST 3x farming & lending has been listed on Francium, Solrise has integrated Mango, TAKI x Solana Ventures

Solrise has integrated Mango

  • Now you can create a Mango account within your fund on Solrise platform.


Details: https://medium.com/@solrise/mango-x-solrise-is-here-d7a97b907e7a

Top Solana Projects Mentioned The Most on Social Media


Top Solana Projects by Active Users


$GST 3x farming & lending has been listed on Francium

  • Francium has listed $GST 3x farming & lending as suggested by the community.
  • $GST holders could borrow $USDC to form a 2x leveraged position with 700%+ APY.
  • Or you could just lend $GST with 30%+ APR


Step Finance big update

  • Reward Options for LPs are live.
  • UX improvements.
  • More projects added in.


Details: https://twitter.com/StepFinance_/status/1515072872938622977

$NIRV - $USDC CLMM pool is now LIVE on Crema Finance !

  • Crema Finance is a 1st Concentrated Liquidity Protocol that focus on stable-assets on Solana


Details: https://twitter.com/Crema_Finance/status/1515139968414683139

Socean Finance has released plans for Q2


Details: https://twitter.com/SoceanFinance/status/1514776662847942656

PsyFinance annouces the Serum Vault


Details: https://www.web3wire.news/post/psyfinance-announces-the-serum-vault?utm_campaign=meetedgar&utm_medium=social&utm_source=meetedgar.com

Solvent Protocol receives $500,000 liquidity mining grant from Serum

After bringing droplets with MonkeyDAO and Solend, Solvent Protocol received a $500000 liquidity mining grant


Details: https://www.web3wire.news/post/solvent-protocol-receives-500-000-liquidity-mining-grant-from-serum?utm_campaign=meetedgar&utm_medium=social&utm_source=meetedgar.com

MOTS game - Dig deep and earn revenue


Details: https://www.web3wire.news/post/mots-game-dig-deep-and-earn-revenue?utm_campaign=meetedgar&utm_medium=social&utm_source=meetedgar.com

Daily top gainers


TAKI x Solana Ventures

Through the collaborative efforts of TAKI x Solana Ventures the token powered social network - Taki - will be joining the Solana ecosystem!


Details: https://twitter.com/takiapp/status/1514310376803823616?s=20&t=xK7xy5tLfx9gDdUqwSv6dw&utm_campaign=meetedgar&utm_medium=social&utm_source=meetedgar.com

Crossmint brings NFT self service for Solana projects

You will be able to mint NFTs as easily as buying a product online. Thanks to Crossmint who are looking to change the way NFTs are minted on Solana.


Details: https://www.web3wire.news/post/crossmint-brings-nft-self-service-for-solana-projects?utm_campaign=meetedgar&utm_medium=social&utm_source=meetedgar.com

Star Atlas x Figment

  • Star Atlas partnered up with Figment datahub to power their Web3 gaming Metaverse


Details: https://www.figment.io/resources/star-atlas-partners-with-figment-datahub-to-power-web3-gaming-metaverse?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=share&utm_term=&utm_content=&utm_campaign=star-atlas

-Source: Solana Daily, Solana News-

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