Everlend's Alpha version is now live, Solend partner with Star Atlas, Adobe's behance launches Solana NFTs on their creative platform

Upcoming IDOs on Solana


  1. @YawwwNFT

  2. @Zebec_HQ

  3. @DarleyGo_io

  4. @YOMetaverse

  5. @HawksightCo

  6. @GlitterFinance

  7. @Winerz_official

  8. @NezhaFi

Cega raise $4.3M in seed round

  • Cega Finance has raised a $4.3 Million seed round from top investors to build the next evolution in DeFi derivative on Solana


Raydium V2 beta is available

  • A new look with refreshed UI, more intuitive navigation, and mobile friendly.


Details: https://twitter.com/RaydiumProtocol/status/1501188443292205060

Solend partner with Star Atlas

  • Solend has collaborated with Star Atlas to run a borrowing competition for the Star Atlas isolated pool!


Details: https://twitter.com/solendprotocol/status/1501379465724661760

Solend x Samoyedcoin

  • Solend has announced the launch of the Dog isolated pool in partnership with Samoyedcoin


Details: https://twitter.com/solendprotocol/status/1501259509381009410

Orca launch new double dip pools

  • Sator (SAO/USDC)
  • Zebec (ZBC/USDC)


Details: https://medium.com/orca-so/aquafarm-rotation-16-mar-10th-24th-de16936abe9b

Everlend’s Alpha version is now live

  • Everlend - a first lending/borrowing aggregator that provides its users with best rates on both deposits and loans by continuously monitoring money markets and switching between them.


Details: https://twitter.com/EverlendFinance/status/1501605679064395780

Yesterday top gainers


  • PTR is the highest gainer with 23.5%
  • MNDE and FUJI follow but only got 15.7% and 13% respectively

Marinade Finance x 01 Exchange

Solana based 01 Exchange introduced support for $mSOL borrowing and collateral for deposits on its Perpetuals and Powers decentralized derivatives exchange.


Details: https://01.xyz/?utm_campaign=meetedgar&utm_medium=social&utm_source=meetedgar.com

Adobe’s behance launches Solana NFTs on their creative platform


Details: https://www.web3wire.news/post/adobes-behance-launches-solana-nfts-on-their-creative-platform?utm_campaign=meetedgar&utm_medium=social&utm_source=meetedgar.com

-Source: Solana Daily, Solana News-

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