[EN] XSB airdrop 101


Hello friends,

Thank you for taking the time to participate in the Airdrop and support Solareum over the past few days. Last week, because we did not anticipate the large number of visitors from the community, we did not have a reasonable preparation, so we had to postpone the Airdrop for 1 week to upgrade the server to transfer the Airdrop to everyone more effective. This time Solareum has been much stronger, hope not to let you down.

Before participating in the Airdrop, the Solareum team has some important announcements for you, please refer carefully to minimize risks when using the Solareum Wallet App and participating in the Airdrop.

1, Check the stability and safety of Solareum Wallet

Since Solareum has just launched, testing on various devices has not been done properly. As a result, some devices fail to access or cannot recover the Wallet.

Please check this article to make sure your Wallet is accessible after receiving the Airdrop. Solareum will not be responsible if you cannot access the wallet after performing the Airdrop


2, How to add XSB token on Trust Wallet

3, What to do when you do not receive the XSB token

Solareum’s server system has been greatly upgraded, but if the traffic becomes explosive, the system is still likely to become overloaded. Sometimes the overload comes from Solana. Therefore, if you have not received the token yet, please stay calm. Go have a cup of tea, go eat a cake then come back. When you have not received the token, your address has not been saved to Solareum’s database, so you can completely redo the airdrop anytime you want. From the 2nd time onwards, you will not be charged any XSB account creation fee.

4, Note when referring friends

You can absolutely refer friends from now on. Just when your friends airdrop and enter your address in the referrer box, you will immediately receive the referral XSB reward.

Be sure to check your SOL address, and instruct your friend to enter your SOL address correctly. Most cases where the referrer does not receive a SOL address is because the person making the Airdrop entered the wrong address. There are a few newline characters like: \n\n added to the address.

5, Frequently asked questions

All inquiries from the community will be regularly updated by the Solareum team. Therefore, before asking a question, the Solareum team would like you to take a moment to review the frequently asked questions. Sending messages on Solareum groups will not work because there is too much information. Hope you understand and sympathize. For a fun and civilized community.


At any time when you have problems, you can also send feedback to the Solareum team using the form below:

Thank you guys, wish you happy Airdrop

Team Solareum


how to get airdrop ?



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Good project

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Good project good luck. :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::pray:29kV7sfJFf3MUNsBPq2zcQgyCbxKoL8DANdGSJ6M3JWs


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