[EN] Airdrop distribution plan

Hello friends,

As you may already know, Solareum will distribute 50% of the total supply of XSB to the community, through Airdrop. This Airdrop is aimed at increasing the number of users, to support the main project that Solareum will focus most of its time on developing - Lightning Rewards. We will inform you about Lightning Rewards details in an upcoming white paper update.

Below is the Solareum team’s initial Airdrop allocation plan:


From the very beginning we determined the value of each Airdrop would be 48.75 XSB, to be divided between both the Airdropper and the Referrer, to achieve our goal of 10M downloads. Because of the great support from the community, as well as gratitude to those who have supported Solareum very early. We decide to increase the Airdrop reward to 250 XSB for the Airdrop maker and 50 XSB for the referrer.

For the future of XSB, for your safety from cheaters, for future Solareum investors, for the Lightning Rewards ecosystem that we are about to develop. We would like to announce the following Airdrop distribution for everyone to know:

Airdrop order: 1,000 - 25,000:

  • 250 XSB for Airdrop maker
  • 50 XSB for referrer

Airdrop order: 25,001 - 50,000:

  • 125 XSB for Airdrop maker
  • 25 XSB for referrer

After XSB reaches 50,000 activations, We will allocate XSB Airdrop according to the information defined in - Solareum: Evaluation - Strategy

Information about the number of times that Airdrop has been activated can be found on Solareum’s homepage - https://solareum.app.

Hope you understand, sympathize and support the team,
Thank you
Team Solareum


how to get the airdrop ? the button " receive " disabled.

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Good project with big dreams


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