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What is Dexlab

Dexlab is a project on a decentralized exchange (DEX) based on the Order-book mechanism for tokens in the Solana ecosystem.

The advantage of Dexlab is that it is built on the liquidity pool of the Serum, which allows them to take advantage of the abundant liquidity from the Serum without having to spend extra effort to attract users to provide liquidity for Dexlab only.

Products of Dexlab

Dexlab is rolling out the following products:

  • Trade: Decentralized trading platform based on Order-book mechanism.
  • Swap: Allow you trade between SPL token
  • IDO: IDO Launching platform for new projects (in development).
  • Minting Lab: Product Issue and Management of SPL tokens for developers (in development).
  • API: Open source product that helps developers build Trading Bots (in development).
  • NFT: NFT Issuer Platform and Marketplace (in development).
    In the future, Dexlab has a vision to become a DeFi Station on the Solana ecosystem.
  • Analytic: Place you can see on-chain info of Solana blockchain

Highlights of Dexlab

Basically, Dexlab has the same mechanism as Serum DEX, but Dexlab still has some advantages over Serum DEX such as:

  • Support issuing, managing and listing any token from the community.
  • Intuitive interface, integrated chart function, place trading orders.
  • The decentralized IDO platform allows users to freely create and join IDO.
  • Provide an open source API that allows users to freely develop trading tools.
  • Cross-chain support from the Ethereum network.

Dexlab has hit on the disadvantages that Serum DEX is facing, even though it is a DEX, the listing mechanism of Serum is Centralized, which restricts developers in the Solana ecosystem from freely listing tokens.

Token Allocation

DXL token use cases

  • Staking: There will be 5 staking levels and 5 different incentives in terms of fee reduction mechanisms, using special features, receiving airdrops,…
  • Governance: Propose and vote on system changes such as reward structure,…
  • IDO: Participate in the IDO sale or create IDO on the Dexlab platform.
  • Get rewarded: Holder DXL will be rewarded from users’ transaction fees on the platform.



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