DeFi Land (DFL)

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has become a trend and is strongly received by users, not only in yield, but also making it easy for them to do financial tasks such as borrowing, lending, depositing money. save… easily and quickly. However, for many people, Defi is still a rather dry field. So what if we changed our approach to a game? Today we will talk about DeFi Land - Gamification of Decentralized Finance.


DeFi Land is also an online farm simulation game but multi-chain for DeFi platforms to make them interactive, fun and easy to use for users.


Highlights of DeFi Land

  • Gather DeFi’s features on one platform: DeFi Land will aggregate many platforms (AMMs, lending, yield, …) to help users only need to operate on a single interface.

  • Gamify everything: This is the outstanding feature of DeFi Land, every experience will be gamified, making it easier for users to access DeFi.



As shown above, you can see that SOL is replaced by sunflower and USDC is corn.

Why Solana blockchain

Although the project side aims to become a multi-chain game, in the early stages, to optimize speed and user costs, the project chose to develop on Solana. Fast, cheap and secure are important factors especially with gamification projects like DeFi Land and Solana being among the most suitable blockchains.

How DeFi Land works

Users will be able to build their own islands for different blockchains to get all the benefits the DeFi platform can offer and on the other to enjoy the gamification experience in DeFi Land.

There will be a limited number of assets mimicking tokens starting with the crypto industry’s biggest coins. For example: $SOL-Maize, $USDC-Wheat, $COPE-Rice, $RAY- Pea, etc. These assets will be used to build farms, lend, swap and more. Over time DeFi Land will deploy more and more tokens into the game.

Features on DeFi Land

DeFi Land V1


  • Swap.
  • Provide liquidity.
  • Staking & yield farming.
  • Administration.
  • Create your own land.
  • Educational land (practice mode): Experimental game mode that allows testing all features with -virtual tokens.
  • Achievements.

DeFi Land V2


  • Lending & borrowing.
  • Indices.
  • NFT marketplace.
  • Interactive chat (interact with other players).
  • Betting.
  • Create clans and compete.
  • Mini games.
  • Tournaments.
  • Support Ethereum, Terra, BSC.


$DFL is the natural currency in the game. Owners will be able to customize their islands, tweak protocols, earn rewards and stake.



Road map



DeFi Land is built by a team of 5 experienced developers who have been researching & exploring the DeFi industry.

The DeFi Land team has successfully led companies in multiple industries such as AR, VR, AI, gaming, Fintech and ERP and they have worked with the largest banks and retailers across multiple regions.

Demo game: DeFi Land Demo.mp4 - Google Drive


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